Trifecto infinity stylus pen houses a tripod for your phone

Trifecto infinity stylus pen houses a mini-tripod for your phone

Trifecto Infinity Pen a kickstarter and Indiegogo project by Peter Gantner and Len Kensey is not like a regular pen. It comes with two important phone gadget that every phone user should have.

Come to think of it, when you want to capture a video of yourself using your phone and no one is around, how do keep your phone? Most people hold up their phone with their hand but that gives a not so good video, some place objects to support the phone but that doesn't usually give the best results.

Trifecto infinity pen is what you need for your phone hands free usage. It has inside, a portable, strong and flexible tripod - yes a tripod called Trifecto infinity, that can serve the purpose of the regular tripod. The tripod which is positioned inside the pen is strong enough to carry any smart-phone and keep it stabilized while you watch your movie or capture yourself in a video or photo.
Tifecto infinity pen is the ever present extra-hand
Trifecto infinity pen has more than a tripod feature, it is a stylus pen for your smartphone that supports stylus pen. The other version of the Trifecto infinty is the torch version that replaces the stylus end of the pen version with a bright LED torch, it also has the tripod inside.

Trifecto infinity stylus pen houses a mini-tripod for your phone

Trifecto infinity pen is a stylus pen that comes in the right size of a regular stylus pen, even smaller. The tripod which is inside the pen is made of high-quality aluminum. The grip is firm and stable on mobile devices, heavier gadget will need the magnetic mount and round adhesive plate. The tripod is not shaped to hold your tablet device but th legs can.

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