Infinix Quiet X and Quiet 1

Infinix Quiet X and Quiet 1

Infinix has unveiled a tasty device and some gadgets in their recent launch evet in Dubai. The company did not only make known the Zero 5 but also a Yamaha powered headset - Infinix Quiet X and Quiet 1.

Both headset are the latest in the Infinix branded accessories. The difference the Quiet X and Quiet 1 is that the Quiet X is a headset while the Quiet 1 is an earpiece.

Quiet 1 is a noise cancellation earpiece which give clear and quality stereo sound. It can give clearly sound frequencies in the range 20 - 20,000hz. Quiet 1 is embedded with Austrian AMS noise reduction chip which enhances sound to a clear noise depth of 15dB.

Quiet X is the main deal here, having packed in a 25 hrs 600mAh battery, Quiet X uses Yamaha digital support to ensure high quality sound. Infinix claims that the aluminum bodied headset can reduce noise up to 25dB and supports AAC and SBC music files. The wireless bluetooth enabled headset is the first from Infinix hence quality is assured. Infinix claims to have carried out several quality test on the headset such as tensile stress test and sweat test. See this photo below:

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