How to read a recalled message on whatsapp

How to read a recalled message on whatsapp
The new WhatsApp feature that enables you to recall already sent messages is really cool. Users get a chance of deleting the messages sent both on the receiver's side and on the sender's side.

So i'll show you how to see the messages that one has deleted in whatsapp, that is to say that when one sends you a messages on whatsapp, then later deletes it regardless if you have seen it or not, you can still view it on your phone.

This trick works with an app on google play store - Download it here. The application basicallly, monitors other apps notification and activities.

This is very easy to set up, just install the application, then run it, give it the required permissions it asks of, thats it.
When one deletes an already sent messages on whatapp, you'll get notified of the message.

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