Doogee said to launch a curved smartphone

Doogee said to launch a curved smartphone

Curved smartphones have sometime been the cherished when the likes of samsung and LG rolled out curved display phones. Samsung released Galaxy Round while LG has LG G Flex. Both companies tried out different curve perspective, samsung had Galaxy Round curve on it's vertical axis and LG had it's G FLEX go horizontally curved.

Doogee is now ready to step into the curved smartphones after making a huge entrance with Doogee Mix. The news about Doogee releasing a curves smartphone came from a trusted leak pro - Evanblass. He made a tweet which shows two phones curved branded Doogee. Some sort of circuit could be seen in the picture which one can the phones is on the prototype stage.

Doogee said to launch a curved smartphone

Evans still made reference to the curved phones from samsung and LG and speculated that the curves Doogee smartphones will have 6GB RAM, 128 internal storage  and a display size of 18 inch at 5:9 aspect ratio.

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