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Anywhere HQ smart speaker comes with phone call features

Anywhere HQ smart speaker comes with phone call features

Most home assistants on the onset are mostly used to place orders and request for something virtual done but none was used to make calls. Phone calling features was just added in Amazon Echo and Google home, but now a smart speaker is coming with that feature solely.

Anywhere HQ, weird name right. But Anywhere HQ is the smart speaker that is being developed by Republic wireless and it is intended to make just calls. Users will have to use a call-up just like every other smart speaker despite the physical buttons below it.

It is LTE enabled with volume buttons and mute buttons in place. Republic wireless, a mobile virtual network operator that runs on Sprint, T-Mobile and Wi-Fi, said Anywhere HQ also has a built-in smart assistant and works with a customer's phone number.  Currently this smart speaker has not been giving a price tag and it is still on test.

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