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Tecno Phantom 7 to be launched in Dubai

Tecno mobile is on the verge of launching a new device which is believed to be the next in the phantom series, phantom 7 and 7 plus. The news came in prior to a post made by the Transsion holding company on their social media page that a new phantom is going live in Dubai on 22nd October.

The Tecno Phantom 7 is highly anticipated cause it's predecessor phantom 6 has already made a huge impact to the Nigeria market. From the teaser picture above you can decipher that the new device will have a dual camera placed horizontally. Tecno Phantom 6 has a dual 21mp and 8mp so you may expect a higher pixel when Tecno phantom 7 surfaces. The date 22nd of October could be the launch date for Tecno phantom 7, so closer to the said date, you will get the full specification of the device.

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