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Infinix Hot S Nougat Update

Nigerian based phones are not left out in the Nougat updates. infinix has rolled out an android Update for it's Hot S series.Download the Android 7 Nougat beta 2 update for Infinix Hot s. 

XOS v2.2 updatelog:
The updates comes with 

1. Updated system version from Android M to Android N.
2. Updated XOSversion from 2.0 to 2.2.
3. Supported split screen of apps.
4. Brand new pull-down shortcuts toggle makes operations convenient and fast.
5. Slide left and right in Magazine lockscreen interface to change wallpapers.
6. Added new functions to fingerprint recognition: Quick start apps, Stop alarm clocks, Callrecorder shortcut.
7. Added Scrollshot.
8. Brand new Music.
9. Added Suggestions in Settings.

Optimized functions:
1. Optimized the interaction of fingerprint recognition.
2. Optimized the visual effect and interaction of Magazine lockscreen interface.
3. Optimized the push method of XTheme.
4. Optimized the display of file sending status, the select-all operation interface, and theinterface sliding fluency in XShare.
5. Optimized the multiport login synchronization function of XAccount.
6. Optimized status display of trash searching process in Manager.
7. Optimized the trash cleaning database.
8. Optimized the functional framework of User center, the layout and the image-text postedition in XClub.
9. Optimized the move modes of desktop icons.
10. Optimized the opening time of app menus.
11. Optimized the cold start time of Dialer, and the response time of tapping a piece of calllog detail in Dialer interface.
12. Optimized the display time of Contacts name on Dialer.
13. Optimized the time of adding Contacts.
14. Optimized the display speed of navigation bar.
15. Optimized the unfolding and closing speed of pull-down menu.
16. Optimized the response time of MagicMovie.
17. Optimized the cold start time of XCloud.
18. Optimized the memory usage of FM.

Download the Nougat update files for inifnix Hot s

How To Install Online
OTA update:
1.Connect the network
2.Go to A-Z->"System Update";
3.Refresh and check whether the new version is available 
4.Update the latest version

How to install Manually
1.Download and put the update image into T card (you can get the image on Xclub or bbs)
2. Insert the T card into the phone
3.Go to A-Z->"System Update" then select "Update from local"

4.Select the image on the T card and waiting about 5mins

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