All Tecno Phones Stock ROM For Flashing

List of all Stock ROMS for Tecno phones below. sourced from hovatek.  You'll need to Flash using SP Flash Tool. Follow this guide 
See the video tutorial below  

Tecno A6 Phantom 6 (Tecno-A6-H551C1-M-170103V121) Download
Tecno Phantom A6S (Tecno-A6S-H551C1-M-KESF-160911V10 ) Download
Tecno  A7 Phantom Z (A7-G906-20150413) Download
Tecno A7 Phantom Z (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno A7 Phantom Z Variant 2 (Tecno-A7-G906-A1-KK-EG-20141111) Download
Tecno A7S (Tecno A7S-G906-B2-20140911) Download
Tecno B3 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno C5 (Tecno-C5-H351-D1-L) Download
Tecno C7 (Tecno C7-H355A1-M-160705V9) Download
Tecno C8 Variant 1 (Tecno-C8-H352-A2-L) Download
Tecno C8 Variant 2 (Tecno C8-H352-A2-L-20151207) Download
Tecno C9 (Tecno C9-H535B1-M-160722V28) Download
Tecno C9 (Miracle Box Dump) Download
Tecno C9 3+32GB Plus / Pro   (C9-H535-B1-Cl-M-161129V83) [Miracle Box Dump] Download
Tecno CXS (CXS-H501D-N-KESF-170515V26 ) Download
Tecno D1 Variant 1 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno D1 Variant 2 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno D3 (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno D5 variant 1 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno D5 variant 2 Download
Tecno D7 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno D9 Download
Tecno DP8D (PA02-A1-L-20160215) Download
Tecno F5 (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno F6 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno F7 Phantom A 4.1 MT6577 (MTK Backup)  Download
Part 1:
Part 2: Download the replacement files

Tecno F7 Phantom A+ 4.2 MT6589 Variant 1 (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno F7 Phantom A+ 4.2 MT6589 Variant 2 (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno F8 Phantom A2 (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno G9 Phantom pad II (Tecno G9-T211-PIC-20140924) [Fixes charging issues]  Download
Tecno H3 (Tecno-H3-G150-G1-KK) Download
Tecno H5 Old OS (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno H5 New OS (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno H5 New OS variant 2 (Tecno H5-UP09-20140610-MP) Download
Tecno H5 (MT6572_TECNO_H5__up09_tecno_h5__4.2.2__ALPS.JB3 ) Download
Tecno H6 Variant 1 Download
Tecno H6 Variant 2 (Tecno H6-G325-B2-KK-20150707) Download
Tecno H7 (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno H7 Plus (Tecno-H7_Plus_QP16) Download
Tecno H7S (Tecno-H7S_LTE-MQ16) Download
Tecno i3 (Tecno-i3-H375A1-N-IN-161221V28) Download
Tecno i3 Pro (Tecno-i3Pro-H375D1-N-IN-170222V48) Download
Tecno i5 Pro (Tecno i5 Pro-H379A1-N-IN-170314) Download
Tecno i7 (Tecno i7-H503A1-N-IN-170410V102) Download
Tecno J5 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno J5 Variant 2 (Tecno-J5-H801-A1-L-SA-20151014) Download
Tecno J7 Variant 1 (Tecno-J7-G345-A1-KK-EG-20150425) Download
Tecno J7 Variant 2 (Tecno J7-G345-A1-KK-20150309) Download
Tecno J7 Variant 3 (Tecno J7-G345-A1-KK-RWA-MTN-R6-20150706) Download
Tecno Boom J8 (Tecno-J8-H354-C1-L-HiOS-20160310-MT6735) Download
Tecno L3 (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno L5 (Tecno L5-H802-A1-L-20151007) Download
Tecno L6 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno L7 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno L8 (Miracle Box Dump) Download
Tecno L8 Plus (Miracle Box Dump) Downloa
Tecno M3 4.2 Old OS (MTK Backup) : Download
Tecno M3 4.2 New OS (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno M3 4.4 (Tecno M3-G130-H1-KK-20141201) Download
Tecno M3S (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno M5 4.2 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno M6 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno M6S (Tecno-M6S-G335-B1-KK-KE-SAFARICOM) Download
Tecno M7 Variant 1 Download
Tecno M7 Variant 2 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno M9 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno N2 Download
Tecno N2S Download
Tecno N2S (unlocked preloader.bin) Download
Tecno N3 (Stock Backup)  Download
Tecno N5S (Multiport Download Tool) (Tecno-N5S-QL610-MB-L) Download
Tecno N7 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno N8 Variant 1 Download
Tecno N8 Variant 2 Download
Tecno N8S (Tecno-N8S-H356B1-M-KESF-160727V31) Downloa
Tecno N9 Variant 1 (Tecno N9-A2000-20130926) Download
Tecno N9 Variant 2  Download
Tecno Phantom 5 (Tecno-Phantom5-H531-B1-L) Download
Tecno Phantom 5S (Tecno-Phantom5S-H531-B1-L-KE-SAFARICOM) Download
Tecno P3 (Etisalat)  Download
Tecno P3 (Stock Backup)  Download
Tecno P5 Old OS (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno P5 New OS
Tecno P5 New OS Variant 1 (Tecno P5-G255-D-20141118) Download
Tecno P5 New OS Variant 2 Download
Tecno P5 New OS Variant 3 (P5-G255-20141103) Download
Tecno P5 Plus (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno P5 Plus Variant 2 (Tecno P5 Plus G255KK-E1-20141011) Download
Tecno P6 (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno P6 (P6-G315-A1-KK-20141230)  Download
Tecno P9 4.2 Variant 1 (Tecno P9 4.2 T101-S1223-JB) Download
Tecno P9 4.2 Variant 2 (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno p9 4.4 (P9-T102-20141103) [Fixes charging issues]  Download
Tecno P9 4.4 (MTK Backup) Download
* Note: If you're having boot up issues then download lk.bin @  Download and copy it into the backup folder then repeat flashing

Tecno Q1 4.0 (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno R5 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno R7 (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno R7 Variant 2 (Tecno-R7-G806-20141013) Download
Tecno S3 (MTK Backup)  Download
Tecno S5 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno S7 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno S9 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno S9 variant 2 (Tecno-S9-GP831-P1-20141103CS) Download
Tecno S9S (Tecno-S9S-GP831-CS) Download
Tecno T1 Download
Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini Variant 1 Download
Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini Variant 2 (Tecno PTM-Z-mini-G870-A1-KK-R6-20150429) Download
Tecno W1 (Tecno-W1-B40030G1-N-161230V4) Downloa
Tecno W2 Miracle Box Dump (Tecno W2-AW600B1-M-161103V15) Download
Tecno W3 Miracle Box Dump (Tecno W3-H806-A1-M-HiOS-20160612) Download
Tecno W3 (Tecno-W3-H806B1-M-EG-160721V8) Download
Tecno W3  Miracle Box Dump (Tecno-W3-H806A1-M-160901V46) Download
Tecno W3 Miracle Box Dump (Tecno-W3-H806A1-M-161230V103) Download
Tecno W4 (TECNO-W4-AW875A-A1-M-20160328) Download
Tecno W4 (W4-AW875A-A1-M-20160427) Download
Tecno W4 (Tecno W4-AW875A-A1-M-20160603) Download
Tecno W4 (Tecno-W4-AW875A1-M-160808V2) Download
Tecno W5 (Tecno W5-H373B1-M-160909V230) Download
Tecno W5 Lite (Tecno-W5 Lite-H8010A1-M-161014V147) Download
Tecno Y2 (Tecno Y2-H721-A2-KK-20151202) Download
Tecno Y2 (Tecno-Y2-H721-B2-KK-EG-20160707) Download
Tecno Y2 (Tecno-Y2-H721-B2-KK-EG-20151121_20160707_105322) Download
Tecno Y2 (Tecno Y2-H721B2-KK-EG-160722V1) Download
Tecno Y3 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno Y3 Plus (Y3-PLUS-H721-A2-KK-TZ-TIGO-LOCK-20151107) Download
Tecno Y3S (Tecno-Y3S-G220-J1-KK-KE-SAFARICOM) Download
Tecno Y3S Plus (Tecno-Y3S_PLUS-H721-C2-KK-KE-SAFARICOM-20151116) Download
Tecno Y4 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno Y5 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno Y5S (Tecno-Y5S-G320-E1-KK-KE-SAFARICOM) Download
Tecno Y6 variant 1 (MTK Backup) Download
Tecno Y6 variant 2 (Tecno-Y6-G320-A1-KK) Download
Tecno 7C (Tecno-7C-P121-A1-L) Download
Tecno 7CS (Tecno-7CS-P121-B1-L-KE-Safaricom) Download
Tecno 7C Pro (Miracle Box Dump) Download
Tecno 7H (Tecno-7H-GP815) Download
Tecno 8H (Tecno-8H-GP930-ETH) Download

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  1. Please give me advise, i want to buy Tecno W3 for my brother here: https://jiji.ng/mobile-phones/tecno-w3 My budget is low so i found very low prices there. But this model seems to be old, i mean maybe i should save money and buy new one?

    1. I recommend you save up and get a higher device like Tecno W5. Looking at the Specifications Tecno w3 won't serve you.
      Tecno W5 has higher specification and quality features

    2. See tecno w5 full specification here http://www.techdemi.com/2017/04/tecno-w5-full-specification-and-features.html


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