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Zenpad 3S 8.0 Leaked - Snapdragon 652 Chipset

The Zenpad 3S may have leaked during a n event organized by ASUS at computex in Taipei where it emphasized on the features of ZenfoneAR.
Zenpad 3S 8.0 with Z582KL model number is a 3GB RAM device, working with a Snapdragon 652 chipset. Although a more expensive one flaunts a 4GB RAM.
Internal storage is a top up of the Zen Pad 3 8.0. which had 16/32gB Storage. ZenPad 3S has a 32/64 GB Storage.

A 7.9' inch display of 1536 x 2048 resolution to form an image from a 13MP primary camera and 5Mp secondary. Android 7..1 Nougat is the Operating System.
4000mAh could be the battery capacity.Fingers crossed

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