List Of Instant Apps Announced at Google I/O

Instant apps which was announced by Google last year are just like cloudware apps, where user do not need  to run the application installation but will use the app. (You will Soon Run Apps Without Installation | Android Instant Apps)

So far there are few instant app in playstore, although instant apps is open source. But you expect a ton of them when Android O is finally released by 2018.
Android O which Goolge has been blowing it's trumpet around will feature a whole new stuff like a huge change in the emojis making them look mire realist than ever, renaming android device manger to find my device. Instant Apps is one of the exciting feature of Android O.

So the currently available instant apps are in the picture below. I can only list but few (musixmatch, stackexchange, vimoe and Tabs) comment below the apps you see in the image.

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