It Has Come - Google Assistant Invade IOS Devices

Google announced at its I/O today that Google Assistant is arriving on iOS devices, as rumors suggested. The company is launching an app that should appear on the App Store soon.

BUT, (a very big but) Assistant will have limited functionality and will not work so flawlessly as it does on Android phones. Because of Apple
API restrictions, the Assistant will be able to do only basic stuff such as sending messages and playing music on Spotify, Google says.

This means that when the screen is off, “OK Google” will not activate the device and have the Google app open. Also, Apple is not allowing remap of the Home button so Siri will stay your primary digital assistant in the future.
I think apple is acting a so secured about the ios stuff, come on give Google access to full IOS api if you are not scared of losing your SIRI
I hope and i know very soon Google assistant will be the main verdict in IOS devices 

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