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Eight Proven Ways To Stop Phone Over-heating

Eight Proven Ways To Stop Phone Over-heating 
The main reason why your phone gets too hot i because your processor is working too hard and emits heat energy which you feel when you hold the phone.
 From the previous get to know other tip. Well if you have read them, then you can continue reading.

5. Use your Manufacture specified charger.
This is what ruins phones now and nobody seem to notice it. Your phone has a specific voltage and current it needs to  keep the lights on. But, then you use a non-specified charger on your phone. Some will say they are boosting their phone. No way, your battery needs no boosting. The wrong charging will cause a bad circulation of battery charges to the phone therefore creating more job for power dissipation in the phone system. Negligence to this can cause your CPU receive either too much power or not enough power and you know what that means.

6. Use Wi-fi Instead
When you want to play em online games which require a stable Internet access and at the same time the game is a high end graphics type of game. Wi-fi networks are recommended, cause it creates a more stable Internet access. You can share Internet to the phone you are going to use for the gaming using the Wi-fi. In this way you cut much network protocol processing Job off the CPU work load, then you can enjoy your game. But, if you cannot get a wi-fi Internet access and you rely on Mobile network, you can refer to the step below

7. Close back ground processes
If you have your phone heating up when you run those high-end graphic game. Do this.
Go to your phone settings
go to developers option
Scroll down or find Background process limit
set it to No background process.

Some, may not have the developer option. That means you have to turn it on. 
Go to about phone in your phone settings
Go to build number and tap severally till you see (you have become a developer). Go ahead it won't do an harm.
Go back to settings then you will find Developer option right above About phone

And for the final step on how to stop your phone from over heating.

8. Remove any updates
Now i do not recommend this, but if you had sny form of update and you notice some changes in your phone. you have to revert those updates and get your phone back to normal.

I hope this tips helped so far tell me what you think in the comment section

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