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How to Cut Data Usage By 50% On Smart-phone

So you realized that your monthly data subscription is gutted up in a week or two and you are not the Internet data hog like me that downloads Gigs everyday.

You want save your data but still no way. Well there is one simple thing to do but it comes with a negligible consequence. And that is Restricting Background Data
New app updates come out and a change is made in UI (user interface) but what about app features. Some appa are designed to be naturally Internet data thirsty in order to run certain features. Take for example Photo editing apps that download filters auto once it detects internet connections. ( i won't mention any app name but they exist.
At the same time background data services helps us get all those buggy notification from social apps. That moment you turn on data or connect to a WiFi , then you see 999+ messages from you chat app
So if you want to save data by 50% do the following 

  • Go to Setting on your phone
  • Go to Data Usage, On the menu option,
  • Choose Restrict Background Data.

You have a choice of selecting an application that consumes too much data and restrcict background data for that application only.

here is your disadvantage, you cannot run any background service that uses data, services such as background download and upload.

But you get to slash data consumption by 50%.

Another means is to monitor data consumption and limit any high data consuming app

You can also monitor you data usage by getting an Internet data monitor app get glasswire app here( not a promotion)

you can also set your data limit monthly, but it may not help save you data as you may want to use more that you have set for use

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