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After a Samsung galaxy explodes in a man's pocket the Florida resistant is throwing the law at Samsung.
This comes just days after US safety regulators issued a formal recall of the Galaxy Note 7 and criticized Samsung's handling of the situation so far.
This action could cause other samsung galaxy note 7 users to do likewise
According to US Consumer Product Safety Commission chairman Elliot Kaye said:
"As a general matter it's not a recipe for a successful recall for a company to go out on its own,” he said, adding that anyone who believes that a unilateral effort would be sufficient “needs to have more than their phone checked”
He urged other users to take advantage of this recall because this product lead to a fire hazard

Report has it that in a bit to encourage the recall of the device.
Samsung will send an update that limits the phone charging to 60% in order to avoid hazards while charging. This is not confirmed but sources reports of an advertisement of the update on a south Korean newspaper seoul shinmun.
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It is a measure to put consumer safety first but we apologise for causing inconvenience," the advertisement stated. 
 Is the downfall of Samsund or What?? 
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